TSU Namibia Tactical Survival



The skills required to survive and have the technical and tactical advantage when you're out in the wilderness.

1. Tracking When you’re out in the bush, it’s important you know how to track either wildlife or humans. 

2. Navigation Whilst out in the bush, it’s critical to be able for you to navigate your way, but you firstly need to know where you are to be able to determine where you are heading.

3. Communication It’s of utmost importance to be able to communicate with the people in your group, the individual you’re with, back to your base camp or if you need assistance.

4. Observation  In the bush, observation is not only seeing, but also hearing, sensing & calculating things. It requires all human senses to be alert of what is about to come down. 

5. Survival Finally, all the skills above that we will teach you during this training will equip you to survive out in the bush. Some Skills incl: vehicle trouble, finding water & food, shelter, making fire, bush dangers & injuries.

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