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Steven Lochner Snr

Steven is the holder of x2 passports. He was born in Namibia, but his parents moved to South Africa when he was about 5 years old. He decided to return to his country of birth about 17 years ago.
​He finished his period with the South African Defense Force at the end of 1982. He completed his junior leader course with the SADF, and held the position of instructor and troop-sergeant during hostile environment deployment, with one of the SADF special services battalions .
​He served as police reservist for about 4 years in SA. He completed the SA Police S.W.A.T course.
​The martial arts have always been an interest of his, and he achieved black belt and South African provincial colors in various martial arts. He acquired championship medals in different combat arts. He was one of the pioneers of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) in SA, and in this role was appointed the SA representative for the “International Vale-Tudo Council”. Some of the fighters he trained fought at international level.
His interest in and love for K9’s lead to him starting training as a K9 handler during the mid 80’s. His path in the private security industry started in mid-late 80’s providing special events protection. This included the application of K9’s for crowd control and patrol dog services.
This developed into nightclub and entertainment venue protection where he specialized in safeguarding clubs and club owners organized crime protection rackets and keeping venues safe and free of drugs. The success of his unit in this regard, led to a SA TV station conducting a program which depicted his unit as an example of how the effect of drugs at entertainment venues can be mitigated. He founded NEVPA (Nightclub and Entertainment Venue Protection Alliance), and association that united nightclub protection service providers whose specific objective it was to keep venues free from drugs.
He started providing close protection services in the early 90’s in SA, and as the owner of TSU Protection Services Namibia, is still active in this role today in Namibia. His role in this regard led him to fulfill the role of CPO, team leader and detail leader over many years. He was responsible for the protection of some of the world’s most well-known names during the late 80’s – 90’s. His involvement with TSU started in 2001, and this led to focusing on specialized protection services to the private corporate sector. This is still the case today.
​During the early 90’s to 2000’s he provided tactical training to SA Police, Municipal Law Enforcement Units, Traffic department, Close Protection Officers, Bouncers, Civilians in tactical application, unarmed combat, firearms, knives, sticks amongst others.
He spent years in different unknown and uncontrolled hostile environments, which resulted in him being seriously injured by an explosive device, shot at and stabbed. Combining this experience with “working the doors” as a nightclub bouncer himself, and his background in the sport combat environment, went a far way in equipping him to prepare others to survive the “real life arena”.
Apart from being an army instructor, he acquired both South African Training Authority as well as Internationally Recognized qualifications and accreditations as facilitator, assessor and tutor (HABC-20765) for International Security Guarding.
​TSU Namibia provides specialized protection services, training, and assistance in different fields of operation to the corporate business sector, civilian sector and government. These fields include amongst others, Close Protection, Kidnap and Extortion, Awareness and Planning, Risk Assessments, Tactical, Firearms, Unarmed Combat, K9, Bush Craft (Anti-Poaching).
​Today Steven is the owner of and runs TSU Protection Services Namibia. As part of the TSU management teams he selected and surrounded himself with highly experienced individuals with practical experience in various former fields of operations within the security forces environment.

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Steven Lochner Jnr

Steven qualified as CPO in 2013. He has since operated as CPO and team leader both in South Africa and abroad
He also completed tactical 1+2 in SA, which includes airborne application and was deployed by TSU SA as tactical officer
His tactical training included the tactical use of all platforms of firearms, close quarter battle and first responder medical
His time in SA as a CPO was spent mainly protecting corporate executives over a period of 5 years
He qualified as a K9 handler and trainer, and finished his DH5 qualification accredited by SASSETA in 2019
He completed his Maritime courses and worked as shipboard security on both passenger and container vessels
2015-2017 he worked for Hello Group as facilities and security manager
Steven is currently the K9-unit manager for TSU Namibia and also oversees our Executive Protection details together with the owner of TSU Namibia.

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