TSU Namibia Training

Training Courses Available

Firearms Competency

Handgun, Shot Gun, Carbine, and Bolt action rifle competency.

Close Quarter Survival Levels 1 - 5

All weapons training and other weapons ie. Sticks, knifes etc. based on attacks within 0m to 5m. Including approach of suspects vehicles & people, arrest techniques. The law on Private Defense.

Close/VIP Protection Level 3 Training

Close Protection Officer training

Advanced Driving

Defensive, Chauffeur, security, high speed driving, anti-ambush etc.

K9 Handler Training

Up to Level 5 handler training and maintenance. K9 Training includes Detection/Sniffer, Protection, Human & Game Tracking also Behavior training of Dogs.

Helicopter Tactical Training

Fast roping and Repelling (Also Possible with K9 Dogs)

Please contact us if you're interested in any of our training courses or would like to discuss with us any customised training needs.

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