TSU Namibia - K9 Unit

Namibia's leading K9 Training Academy.

Pet Dog Training

Behaviour modification and rehabilitation for reactive or aggressive dogs irrespective of breed or age during our 10-day-boarding training program. We have several take-ins a month at our facility in Windhoek where our trainers and handlers first build a bond of trust with pets and then systematically teach them conducive behaviour with corrective and positive reinforcement. 

If you're interested in our next take in - please contact us. 

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Protection K9 Training

Our trainers are world class at training dogs used for protection work. Whether for personal protection, law enforcement or anti-poaching, we develop top quality dogs and handlers.

As this is a highly specialised and time consuming service, a consultation is required. Please contact us if you're interested in this. 

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Dog Boarding

We have great facilities right in Windhoek, set up to host your doggos whilst you're away on holiday. Here they'll go for strolls with our trainers, fed, groomed and even given their medication if they are on any prescriptions.  

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