K9 Unit Pet Dog Training

10 Day Board & Train

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Our 10 Day Board & Train Program is a good fit for everyone. Your dog will be assessed on day of the handover and booked into the program that will include: 

– Multiple training sessions to work on sit, down, stay, loose leash walking, recall and any other problem behaviors we discuss

– Multiple playtimes in the play ground and pasture with our skilled trainers

– A skilled trainer leading all interactions and constantly training your dog to be a confident and well-behaved dog

– Upon pick up, your dog will be bathed with clean bedding

– We will incorporate your dog into our group training sessions so they can meet and pass new dogs almost everyday depending on your time

– Your dog will stay in a comfortable room, but they don’t spend a lot of time in their rooms because they are busy training and playing

– Upon completion the Training for doggo we focus on training the owner together with their dog in a group class setting. We need the commitment of the owner to carry on with the training at home.

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Private Sessions

Private sessions with Steven can also be arranged and are more for aggressive or reactive dogs. Our K9 Unit facility allows for a controlled interaction with Steven Lochner and his well trained group of trainers and dogs. Steven will assess your dog, start the training process and help create a training plan. Don't worry about how many sessions you'll need. The goal is to only need at least this one to understand the concept of his training.

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